Black Zone's Grand Jury


Basic info

  • Australian shepherd, bitch
  • Born 16.11.2012 in Sweden 
  • Red merle with white, long tail 
  • Breeder: Kennel Black Zone, Isabelle Lundstedt 
  • Owner: Shanti Karinen, Helsinki, Finland 
  • ASCA & FCI registered

  • Height: 49cm 
  • Weight: 16kg

  • Hips: B/B
  • Elbows: 0/0 
  • Back: LTV1 VA0 SP0
  • All teeth, normal bite 
  • Eyes checked healthy 08/2018
  • DNA-tested: HSF4-normal, MDR1-normal, CEA-free, PRA-PRCD-free, DM-free

  • Competes in agility class 3, ASCA-agility titles JS-O and GS-O 
  • Competes in obedience class 2 (open class), qualified for class 3 
  • Competes in rally-obedience class 2 
  • Competes in FCI herding class 2 with title PAIM2
  • ASCA herding titles open sheep OTDs and started ducks STDd
  • Approved Finnish mentality test +143 points & secure of gunshots >>> Video
  • Approved Swedish mentality test for young dogs (MH-test), no fear of shots 
  • Official conformation show result "excellent" from Aussie speciality show

  • Sire: KORAD Black Zone's Comanche Warrior "Spiro" 
  • Dam: Black Zone's Alicia Chinn "Dracu"

  • >>> Wicca in Finnish database

Wicca is the puppy from Dracu's first litter with her breeder Isabelle that I was NOT going to have! I had just had to say goodbye to Dante, and the idea of having just one dog seemed like a good idea. But since the first time I saw an aussie I had dreamed of one day owning a little red merle bitch with pale blue eyes. So when Dracu had the puppies I was there with Isabelle wondering how did Dracu know to make just one red merle girl just for me... So Wicca came home with Dracu from Sweden and fit into our lives like she had always been a part of it. Growing up with mommy-Dracu, she had it way too good! Dracu just loved her puppy, and never said a thing against her, Wicca could do whatever she wanted. Wicca worshiped her mom, and basically Dracu trained her. She would follow Dracu like a shadow everywhere, come when I called after Dracu and she learned all the basic commands and ways of behaving from Dracu. I would never have believed what a strong mother-daughter connection could be like! When Dracu passed away, Wicca finally turned into an adult, more serious and calm than before. She clearly took Dracu's role as my personal bodyguard, and started guarding more at home. She has also gotten more grumpy with time to other dogs, but that seems to be normal with girls. 

The best way to describe Wicca is that she is a one person-dog. For Wicca there is nothing else in the world that matters more than me. She is not super interested in other dogs or other people, and our walks are mostly with her about 1-2 meters away from me while other dogs run like crazy. She is not reserved or shy at all, she just has eyes for me. She is the kind of dog that will work just for a praise and to do something together. She loves to snuggle close and is my shadow or sometimes I feel like she is my quiet stalker too... Though Wicca is quiet and calm at home, she can be naughty if left alone! She is a bit too clever for her own good, opening doors and closets, drawers and what not. Only locks will keep her. Sometimes it is hard to leave her because she will do her best to come after me. Being left behind is the worst thing for Wicca. Otherwise she is a super nice dog to live with, she only shows moderate guarding instinct at home, but will protect me from threats. She tolerates dogs that are not part of our pack, and gets along well with her own pack. With other dogs she prefers to ignore them and be left alone, but she will put up with them. She is never scared of anything; noises, places, people etc. Wicca is the top female of our pack, but never needs to rub it into anybody's face. Other dogs usually respect her. Wicca has been very healthy her whole life, just "a few" accidents along the way with too much speed and to little thinking including broken teeth, nails, skin... She has had a few ear infections and eye infections, but that is everything.

Wicca's main hobbies are agility and herding. We used to do some obedience and rally obedience when she was younger, but that was boring for us both. So we do what she loves best, and that is running like crazy. In agility she is just a little speed demon and it has taken us a "few" years to find a level of control to manage courses with her crazy speed. I should have focused more on thinking and self control work when she was younger, not speed and motivation... Even though our agility career has been a bit of a struggle, working with Wicca is always cool. She is very focused on the obstacles, and I can send her far off. She is not the best at tight turns as she has no patience for slowing, but I have found that handling her from behind is best. She just loves toys, and balls are her favorite. I would say she is completely ball crazy. Sometimes when I throw her the ball and it bounces, I need to shut my eyes and hope she does not hit a wall chasing it. Our other hobby is herding, and it is a good balance for crazy agility. Wicca likes herding good enough, but sometimes I feel like she does it more for me. But lately she has gotten lots more confidence and drive, and is becoming more and more independent. Wicca works mostly with sheep and she is best with difficult sheep that don't want to move. Distance work is not our strength and driving has been a struggle sometimes. But Wicca makes it up with being biddable and easy to handle. Wicca absolutely loved herding cattle, and was super eager to head and heel and I feel like she was meant to be a cow dog, not a sheep dog. 

Wicca's Pedigree

Pedigree of:

Black Zone's Grand Jury

KORAD Black Zone's Comanche Warrior
Red Merle
22 Dec 2008
WTCH SE UCH SE LCH Crofter Holding’s Sueños Con Ovejas DNA-CP
Red Merle
30 Oct 2002
HOF WTCH Las Rocosa Rodeo Romeo of Carat
Red C/W
Las Rocosa Rejoneador
Las Rocosa Belle of The Ball STDds
HOF Los Suenos Legends of Belles
Red Merle
HOF WTCH VCH Shope's Goodnight Bandit
HOF Private Stoc's Manzanita STDsd OTDc DNA-CP
KORAD Windsor’s Beautiful Girl
Black W F=4.81%
01 Jan 2006
Windsors Bad Boy OTDds DNA-VP
Blue W F=0.56%
WTCH Hangin' Tree Black Bear PATDc RTDcs RDg DNA-CP
Silver Sliver of Windsor STDs DNA-CP
WTCH Diamond S Dox Sidkick
Red C/W F=3.69%
HOF WTCH Hanging Tree Dude PATDcs RD RTDcs DNA-CP
45 Ranch Blackberry Brandy
Black Zones Alicia Chinn STDsdc
Red C/W F=5.51%
30 Apr 2008
WTCH Rising Suns Qwick Draw RTDcs DNA-VP
Red Merle F=21.40%
30 Jun 2001
WTCH Hangin Tree Dude PATDcs RD RTDcs DNA-CP
Red Merle C/W F=31.67%
Hangin' Tree Spook OTDc STDds DNA-CP
Hangin' Tree Roja
WTCH Pincie Creek Cherry Sota RTDc DNA-VP
Red W F=11.28%
WTCH Hangin' Tree Blue Bear DNA-CP CD PATDcs RD RTDcs
Ricinda Reba of Pincie Creek STDcds
Chaboos Flashes of Fame STDd DNA-VP
Black C/W F=2.33%
12 Nov 2002
Mr Binks Fairoaks Drum Boogie
Red Merle C/W F=18.83%
Ch Starstuffs Still Crazy CD STDds
Fairoaks Sami Jo
Crofter Holdings Crimson Chat
Black C/W F=15.67%
CH Diamond Aire Big Deal CD OTDds DNA-CP
Bluefires Little Firedancer

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