Red'n Ready Chaos And Mayhem

ASCA Working Trial Champion WTCH
Finnish Herding Champion FI PVA
Finnish Agility Champion FI AVA
ASCA agility GS-E JS-N

Basic info

  • Australian shepherd, bitch
  • Born 12.08.2019 in Finland
  • Red merle with white, long tail 
  • Breeder: Kennel Red'n Ready
  • Owner: Shanti Karinen, Helsinki, Finland 
  • FCI & ASCA registered 

  • Height: 50 cm
  • Weight: 21 kg

  • Hips: A/B
  • Elbows: 0/0
  • Back: LTV0 VA0 (normal)
  • Missing one P3, normal bite
  • Eyes checked healthy as puppy & adult
  • DNA through MyDogDNA: free of all (HSF4-normal, MDR1-normal, CEA-free, PRA-PRCD-free, DM-free, EAOD-free etc) 

  • competes in agility class 3 (highest FCI class)
  • ASCA agility titles GS-N, GS-O, GS-E & JS-N
  • has passed FCI Traditional Style Natural Herding Aptitude Test (FCI NHAT)
  • has passed FCI Traditional Style Herding Working Test (FCI HWT)
  • competes in FCI Traditional Style herding class 3 -> Finnish Herding Champion FI PVA
  • ASCA herding ATDscd + Working Trial Champion in 2023
  • Finnish mentality test passed with +225 points
  • Show result VG (very good)

  • Sire: Tucker Creek's Special Ticket "Linus"
  • Dam: Black Zone's Grand Jury "Wicca"

  • >>> Noita in Finnish database

Noita is my custom made puppy from my amazing Wicca. I always wanted a female from my amazing Dracu -> Wicca-line, and when I was planning Wicca's second litter it was all about what I wanted for myself. I met Linus in Austria in 2017 and liked him a lot, he had just what I wanted for my own puppy. A fellow breeder told me I was putting together "crazy and crazy" and I thought that sounded about perfect for my next agility dog.

Noita was the first puppy born, and the moment she came out I decided she was my keeper, without even waiting to see what else came. There was just something about her, and she was a decision of the heart not the brain. 

She has turned out nothing like I thought I wanted, but exactly like what I never knew I needed. She is calm and cool, but always 110% ready for work. She is my main chore dog at our farm and also when I do herding lessons. She will calmly watch the training by my side and when the sheep try to run away, before I can tell her, she will be out there stopping them already. I love her calm and steady nature, and I can trust her to handle pretty much anything in our day-to-day sheep work. She is a calm worker, uses a bit of aussie eye and likes to go straight, without any over working the animals. She can also handle the difficult sheep and rams, and the sheep always know when Noita is there, they need to behave. Noita has been the nicest dog to handle in trials, as I feel like I don't usually even need to tell her what I want, she will figure it out from my body langauges and the situation. She became FCI traditional style herding champion at under 3 years old. If there is anything Noita loves more than sheep it is ducks. She is crazy for herding them, does into her duck trance and can't peel her eyes away from them. She works them also in her calm and steady way.

Noita also trains agility and competes in highest FCI class 3. She is fast, but not crazy like her mom was, and that is not a bad thing. She has some brains with her on the course and nice obstacle focus and works well far away too. She is not super good with her turning, but obstacle focus is good. We trial when I have time from herding. Noita likes toys and treats, though she is not the greediest dog I have ever had. She likes to please and is easy to take anywhere. She is social and gets along mostly with all dogs and humans. We have a lot of people come to our farm for lessons and she always barks a bit first to let me know someone is coming, checks them out and then everything is fine, no issues anymore. She is the dominant dog in our pack, and has went past her mom and sister, but she still is very playful and likes to play with the younger dogs. Noita likes to play to mom to all baby animals, including lambs and baby ducks. Noita has been 100% healthy so far and we hope it stays that way for many years to come.

Noita's Pedigree

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