Training services

I have offered agility coaching since 2008 and herding training since 2018!

Agility coaching

I started agility in 2002 and competing in 2004. I have had six agility dogs, all in the large classes. I have competed with three dogs in the highest class, and my best accomplishment was an individual silver medal in 2010.

Agility coaching I started in 2008 after completing an agility teaching course. I have taught agility now over ten years, mostly in my agility club as weekly training for all levels, breeds and sizes. Besides that I have also held private trainings mainly for my own bred dogs, and my own experience is definitely helpful in training with aussies.

I can come teach at courses, camps or similar on request. Prices can be agreed on depending on length of training session and location.

Herding training

I started herding with my first aussie in 2006, and the first competition I trialed in was ASCA herding in 2008. I have done herding with five aussies, and competed in both FCI traditional style and ASCA on sheep, ducks and cattle. Herding training I started in summer 2018 at Primal Sense Farm in Seutula (Vantaa) and Pukkila.

At the moment I teach mostly at Seutula PSF several days per week. I teach all breeds, but have specific expertise with aussies, FCI traditional style trials and ASCA herding. I am also happy to come hold trainings and clinics elsewhere. Training at PSF is open to all interested in herding, from beginners to more experienced dogs. More information and training times are available on facebook. You can also ask me directly.