Origine II My Kind Of Trouble


Basic Info

  • Australian shepherd, female
  • Born 07.05.2016, France 
  • Red tricolor, long tail 
  • Breeder: Kennel Origine II, Anne Lhonneux , France
  • Owner: Shanti Karinen, kennel Red'n Ready
  • ASCA & FCI registered

  • Height: 49 cm 
  • Weight: 16 kg

  • Hips: A/A
  • Elbows: 0/0 
  • Eyes: healthy as a pup & 07/2018
  • Back: officially healthy LTV0 VA0 
  • Full dental, correct bite 
  • MyDogDNA-tested: MDR1+/-, HSF4-free
  • DNA through parents: CEA/CH, prcd-PRA, DM-free

  • Hobbies include agility and herding
  • FCI Traditional herding: passed pre-class (PAIM-E) & PAIM1-title from class 1
  • ASCA herding STDsd (started sheep and ducks) and 1 Q open ducks & 2 Q cattle started
  • competes in FCI agility class 3 (highest class)
  • ASCA agility JS-O, GS-O and RS-N titles

  • Sire: Justus In A Flash "Flash" 
  • Dam: Hart II's Texas Trouble "Texas"

  • Maaru's 1st litter Space-litter

  • >>> Maaru in finnish database

Maaru was imported from France in summer 2016 to bring some new bloodlines to Finland and my breeding program. I had been looking at Maaru's dad Flash for a few years already, thinking of using him for some female. When I noticed Anne from Origine II was going to use him for her own female imported from Texas, USA. The female Texas is from Hart II's kennel, and relatively rare bloodlines in Europe, so I was interested in a puppy from this cross just for the genetic diversity it would bring. Because I had just gotten Taika from Austria, I had no place for a puppy at my own home, so Maaru was decided to be an co-owned dog with my friend Siiri. I took a bit of a leap of faith with getting Maaru from a cross I had not met either of the parents or the breeder before, but luckily both turned out to be great, social and outgoing dogs, and Maaru was a happy and brave puppy. Even though she had not seen much of the world in the Southern French countryside, Maaru adjusted well to living in a busy city with Siiri and her other aussie Riepu. 

Maaru has developed into a really nice dog. She is social, liking both people and dogs. In the spring of 2018 Maaru moved back to live with me as her co-owner developed a severe dog allergy. Maaru has adjusted well into living in our pack of aussie girls, and really enjoys the company of other dogs. She is super energetic, and her favorite thing in the world is playing with her dog friends. She just loves to run, play, jump and wrestle with other dogs. She is very physical, and the rougher the playing is, the better she likes it. She just loves playing tug with people and other dogs, and is very playful all in all. Maaru is mostly doing agility and herding now and also doing some basic obedience. She is a bit noisy, not barking but whining when she is waiting for something to happen. But when she is working, she has great focus and she is a nice thinking dog. She has done agility irregularly since she was a pup, but more now living with me. She has learned very fast, and in just a few months of training she started her agility career with my friend Melissa. In herding she shows lots of good instincts, but is still a bit insecure. She takes pressure nicely, and is easy to handle, but I hope more miles will give her more confidence in reading the sheep and making her own decisions. I think she will be a very nice dog for herding trials, and we will focus her on FCI traditional style herding. But of course the goal is also to trial her in ASCA and with all animals. So far she has only worked sheep.

Maaru has been healthy so far, I don't think she has ever gone to the vet for anything apart from getting her shots and health checks. She has a nice, lean built, though her front could be better. She is not very big in the chest. She is clear in all her health checks with best possible results. All in all I would say she is a nice, easy dog to live with, and a nice sporting dog. She is a bit reactive, and when she was younger she would react before thinking, like running off after animals or to other dogs. Now she has better impulse control. She does not show any reserve to people, and is not a very keen guarding dog, not even barking at the door when somebody comes to visit and rings the doorbell. I think she is the kind of dog that just gets better with time, and I think she will gain more confidence, speed and independence the longer she lives with us. Maaru was also a great mom with her first litter, and I hope to use her again for breeding in the future.

Maaru's Pedigree

Pedigree of:

Origine II My Kind of Trouble

Justus In A Flash
Blue Merle
HOF Misty Ridge Nitro STDcs RTDc DNA-VP
Black W/C
21 Feb 2003
HOF WTCH 45 Ranch Wind Wolf
Black C/W
HOF WTCH Windsong's Falcon
HOF WTCH The Sting Of Twin Oaks DNA-VP
HOF WTCH Bar LW Miss Red Spur
Red C/W
HOF WTCH Crown Point Inspirator Bar LW RDX
Bar LW Ty One On
HOF Justus One Tuff Cookie
Red merle W
09 Jul 2000
HOF WTCH 45 Ranch Bull Tuff RTDs DNA-VP
Blue Merle W
HOF WTCH The Bull Of Twin Oaks RTDcs RDX DNA-VP
HOF WTCH Windsong's Rip Rap DNA-CP
HOF WTCH Justus N Katie McCain
Red W
HOF WTCH Bar LW Inspired Blue RTDc DNA-CP
HOF WTCH Justus N Lucy McCain
Hart II's Texas Trouble DNA-VP
Red C/W
29 Nov 2012
Hart II's Second Chance STDc DNA-CP
Red C/W
09 Jan 2004
Rossy's Barney DNA-CP
Black W
Bullseye's Hacksaw
Rossy's Frisky Daisy ATDs RTDs OTDcd
WTCH Hart II's Texas Belle RTDcs
Red Merle C/W
HOF WTCH Corydon's Jack Straw RTDs
HOF WTCH Hart II's Hanna RTDcs
Hart II's Caledonia DNA-VP
Blue Merle C/W
23 Jan 2005
Hart II's Asa
Black C/W
Hart II's Angus
Hart II's Chili Pepper
Hart II's Tub Thumber
Red Merle C/W
WTCH Hart II's Snake RTDs
WTCH Hart II's Texas Belle RTDcs

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