Red'n Ready Snow White


Viivi was leased for breeding to me in end of 2019. No more breeding plans.

Basic information

  • Australian shepherd, female
  • Born 10.06.2014, Suomi 
  • Black tricolor, long tail
  • Breeder: Shanti Karinen, Helsinki, Finland 
  • Owner: Tiina Luoma-Lehtinen, Kauniainen 
  • ASCA & FCI registered

  • Heigth: 49,5 cm 
  • Weight: 17 kg
  • Hips: B/B
  • Elbows: 0/0 
  • Eyes: clear as a puppy & 02/18 
  • Back: LTV0, VA0 (healthy) 
  • All teeth, correct bite
  • MyDogDNA-tested: MDR1, HSF4 etc. free
  • Competes in agility in class sL2, ASCA title GS-N (Gambler Standard - Novice) 
  • Character tested in summer 2017 approved +140 points, secure of shots >>>video
  • Grade "good" from aussie speciality conformation show in 2017
  • Videos of Viivi: 1 2 3 4

>>> Viivi in Finnish database

Viivi is from Dracu's second litter, and the first one I ever bred. As a puppy she was a mischievous little ball of energy, but still somewhere in the middle of the litter in character. My idea of her before weaning is still pretty accurate, as she's a balanced female with lots of energy and drive but also softness and ability to calm down. Viivi is very attached to her owner, who means the world to her, and the first couple of times she was staying with us she seemed pretty miserable. Luckily in a few days she started feeling more at home, and she get's along with any combination of familiar and strange dogs. Viivi is the perfect pack dog: she doesn't pick fights and isn't easily provoked. All her youth Viivi was (and still is) the one challenging her siblings to a game of tag - or an excursion to the nearest puddle or stream. Viivi loves running and will tirelessly try to get other dogs to run with her. At home she's unobtrusive, quiet and easy. She's friendly towards all people and dogs, and doesn't mind crowds. Her character test describes her well, she was a little scared of the threats but didn't react aggressively or sharply. Shots were not a problem, and in any scary situations she found safety from her owner and did not take too much pressure. Viivi's owner says that she does guard her territory at the summer cottage, but definitely doesn't have too much guarding instinct or reservedness.

Viivi's main hobbies are agility and obedience with her owner, and a couple times she has tried herding. Since Viivi's owner wasn't originally interested in competing, I have competed with her in a couple of agility trials. Competing with Viivi is very nice, since she behaves well at the trial and works well with me, even though we have only trained together a few times. She moves well in the agility course and has good jumping technique even though she could be more intense. I believe that more experience and training independence will bring out the speed in her, because you can see how fast she is when she's chasing toys. Viivi works for treats and is very greedy, likes chasing toys but doesn't care to tug them with me. With her owner she does tug pretty well. Last summer Viivi showed that she has herding tendencies and interest in sheep! In the fall I took her to herd with me, but I was too much of an authority for the kind of getting interested that she still would have needed. Viivi held distance nicely, and kept the flock instinctively together, but did not really dare work with me. All in all Viivi is a good-natured, slightly soft, non-dominant, willing-to-please, greedy, playful and speedy female. She's been healthy her whole life and hasn't needed to go to the vet aside from basic checks. Viivi also doesn't have allergies or food sensitivities.

Viivi's pedigree

Sire Keen
Sire Keen

Pedigree of:

Dracu X Keen puppies

WTCH Wonder Hill S Bar L Keen DNA-CP
Black W F=8.00%
20 Aug 2009
WTCH Cut'n Loose Roby RD DNA-VP
Red C/W F=3.80%
05 Nov 2000
Bergerts Black Catalyst STDs DNA-VP
Black C/W F=2.90%
WTCH Bergerts Black Bud RD RTDcs DNA-CP
Crown Point Racin Blue Feather STDds DNA-CP
WTCH Cutnloose's-Rootintootincowgirl
Red Merle C/W F=2.70%
Angel Flights Cattle Cutter
Right Crosss 14 Karat Gold CD OTDc ATDds
King Cutters Stormie Nights
Blue C/W F=3.29%
26 May 2005
Cut'n Loose Mi-T-Tuff Outlaw STDd DNA-CP
Red W F=5.39%
WTCH Deharos 2-Bits RTDcs DNA-CP
Right Crosss 14 Karat Gold CD OTDc ATDds
Beret Maggie Blue
Blue W F=25.24%
WTCH Macdonalds Chipofftheoldblock PATDcs RTDcs
Butlers Ava
Black Zones Alicia Chinn STDsdc
Red C/W F=5.51%
30 Apr 2008
WTCH Rising Suns Qwick Draw RTDcs DNA-VP
Red Merle F=21.40%
30 Jun 2001
WTCH Hangin Tree Dude PATDcs RD RTDcs DNA-CP
Red Merle C/W F=31.67%
Hangin' Tree Spook OTDc STDds DNA-CP
Hangin' Tree Roja
WTCH Pincie Creek Cherry Sota RTDc DNA-VP
Red W F=11.28%
WTCH Hangin' Tree Blue Bear DNA-CP CD PATDcs RD RTDcs
Ricinda Reba of Pincie Creek STDcds
Chaboos Flashes of Fame STDd DNA-VP
Black C/W F=2.33%
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Red Merle C/W F=18.83%
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