Planned litters

Future litter plans

We have puppy plans for early 2024 for Loitsu. She was bred to WZ Thorp in Czeck (US import) and gave birth to 7 wonderful puppies on 1st of May.  

We will also have an 2nd litter for Sysi with Midnight in summer 2024. Sysi was bred on 8. and 10. of May and we are hoping for a litter in July. 

We also plan a litter for Yuffie for end on this year/beginning of next year!

Loitsu x Thorp spring 2024

Puppies were born 1st of May, we have 4 girls and 3 boys (all blue merles) and all are doing well!

If you are interested in hearing more, contact me and come meet my dogs! When you contact me for the first time, make sure to introduce yourself. Tell me why you are interested in specifically my breeding, why you are looking for an aussie etc.

I also recommend checking the info-page for frequently asked questions before writing your message.

I prefer contact via email at

Puppy information

"An active dog for an active owner = a happy dog & owner"

An aussie is not a dog for everybody. Have you done your research properly about the breed? I breed strongly working line aussies, that have been bred for herding and guarding. Inside the cute, cuddly dog there just might be a highly dominant, quickly reactive and protective dog that needs a lot of activity and a owner who knows what they are doing. An aussie at its best is a easily motivated and eager dog that loves to work whatever with its owner, but a dog that is a pleasure to live with in day-to-day life. An aussie at its worst can be a problem dog that scares the neighbors, and even the owners can't trust. That is why it's critical that you make sure this breed is for you and you are not biting a bigger piece than you can swallow!

Red'n Ready puppies are sold to active and responsible people, who are looking for a dog for dog sports like agility, obedience, search & rescue, military sports or a working dog for herding. Though I much prefer using working lines in my breeding program, my main goal is an all-around dog, not only a herding dog. I don't sell my puppies to homes only interested in conformation shows or homes where the dogs live in kennels or only outside. I want every one of my puppies to live in a home where it will be part of the day-to-day life and a loved family member. Not a working tool or a stuffed decoration on the couch!

Every litter is carefully considered and planned, and I always hard strive to produce healthy puppies that have they qualities to be wonderful performance dogs that are also nice to live everyday life with. All of the females I use for breeding have had thorough health tests done - in minimum hips, elbows, spine and shoulders and annual eye examination - and they are healthy. Also different kinds of DNA-testing and other tests that are of interest for breeding dogs. Naturally the bitches will be otherwise healthy as well of all hereditary illnesses. The females should also be proven themselves as performance dogs and have had their working instincts tested. We also have two different mentality tests in Finland and the females will have at least one of these done and approved if they are not too young when bred. They should have no disqualifying traits and have at least one conformation result that they are within the breed standard.

Acquiring a puppy

When searching for a puppy I would recommend to start early! If possible, you should contact the breeder well before the breeding and come meet the female and possibly the male.
When you inquire about a puppy, please tell about yourself. How much experience with dogs do you have? Why are you interested especially in aussies? Why this litter is interesting to you? What kind of a home would the puppy be coming to and what do you plan to do with the puppy? What kind of a puppy are you searching for? Gender, temperament etc?
I try to choose my puppy buyers with care, so that the right owner finds the right dog and the puppy gets the kind of life it deserves. Because puppies will vary in temperament inside the litter, it is important that the puppies go to the right homes. I use a puppy test done by seasoned trainers to help understand each puppy as well as observe them all closely when they grow. I don't sell my puppies because of a certain color or length of tail etc.

Red'n Ready puppies

  • will be registered in the Finnish Kennel Club (FCI) and if possible also in ASCA
  • will leave earliest at 7 weeks to new homes
  • are fed only with top quality puppy food 
  • will all be microchipped by a vet 
  • will be properly dewormed before leaving 
  • are thoroughly examined by a vet and will have a official eye examination 
  • grow up in the house in the middle of everyday life and will get used to cars, people, kids, dogs, different places etc.

My wishes for a puppy owner

My goal is the breed top quality puppies, but to accomplish this I need some help from my puppy owners. I wish that they will appreciate the hard work I put into the puppies and help me by doing some of the following:

  • Regular updates of the puppy, even after it is grown up! (information about health, character, working abilities, problems etc.)
  • Having official health tests done (minimum of hips, elbows and eye examination) 
  • Doing some mentality test, preferably in Finland but puppies abroad are a different thing
  • Testing the herding instinct of the dog if anyhow possible
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Content: Shanti Karinen